Operation Battleaxe (2019) – Full Mp4 Movie Download

A report led to the smuggling of cultural relics more than ten years ago, which led to mad revenge by the gang leader Shi Kai. Ten years ago, why did the police officer Lu Jianping raise a bloodless young girl Xuan Xuan, why did his wife leave the house and leave him? Today, Lu Jianping, whose identity is exposed, is unfortunately shot, and his orphan Xuan Xuan is also abducted by Shi Kai’s subordinate Tian and his life is alive! Yue Ming is a young police officer who organizes and secretly investigates and protects Lu, who has a special mission. Whether they can successfully rescue the hostages and destroy the Shi Kai criminal group, Lu Jianping’s undercover status, the public security criminal police officer Yang Shuming gradually floated Out of the water, how many unknown secrets did the action code-named Tomahawk hold more than a decade ago? Torture humanity, stick to loyalty, and love is silent, and the final battle begins.

Cast: Zhou Yuming, Hao Ping, Jiang Xinyue, Chai Shun Tian, Wu Xiaoyuan

SUbtitle: English – Chinese


Runtime: >90mins

Uploaded Date: 17 April. 2020

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